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Painting: Acrylic, Oil, Spray Paint, Ballpoint Pen on Canvas.

I was inspired by a picture I saw on the internet that went viral some times ago, because people found it amusing that the youngest child worn shoes on the wrong feet. I had a totally different reaction to this image, I could not find anything funny in the image, but rather I felt uneasy thinking about the sense of abandonment and neglect of these two children left to their fate. I therefore wanted to use this image to create a moment of reflection on the tragic events affecting children who find themselves in a difficult situation of war. These types of images are recurrent and no matter the time in which we find ourselves, they are always the same, violent history repeats itself to the detriment of the weakest. The subject of this painting are two brothers who are taking a selfie. Instead of a camera they are using a slipper. So no matter how difficult situation is the important thing is to have a positive attitude. In this case imagination overcomes a poor reality and a slipper is transformed into a «magic» camera. This camera becomes a witness of a gesture of great humanity, affection and hope, where the eldest boy protects the youngest from external threats. I wanted to represent war with two simple over simplified elements, a plane that is bombing and a paratrooper, designed in a boyish way. These two elements can be appreciated on the head of the older child. The bomber throws a bomb that I ironically called «DaBomb» falls on the bodies of children and produces a yellow ray that transforms at the lower end into a coffin, from which blood comes out, with a symbol that could remember a religious icon. As you can see, the bomb does not harm the children’s bodies as they are protected by a white aura. This aura encompasses the two children and means that love, affection, compassion for each other are strong feelings that can protect us from danger and despair.

This painting hide a strong pacifist message, and I hope the observer will find a moment to think about the horrors of war, and maybe to do something about it, which surely will not end the war in the world, but at least be charitable towards the others.

This is the first painting of the «Equipo MaLO». The painting was made by Mazezky and the famous painter LO from Navarra. LO painted the background with acrylic colours in a dreamlike style with a sarcastic aim to lighten the difficult situation experienced by the protagonists.The difference between the two pictorial styles of the artist LO and the central figures painted in Mazezky style is very evident. Oil paints, spray paint, ballpoint pen and pencil were used to paint this work. Few drops of human blood were used to paint the drops that come out of the coffin.






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